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  • Swedish — may refer to:*Anything from or related to Sweden, a country in Northern Europe (see List of Sweden related topics) *Swedish language, a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Sweden and Finland *A person or persons with a Swedish ancestral… …   Wikipedia

  • Swedish — massage (based on Swedish type physiotherapeutic movements); Swedish mile (10 kilometers); Swedish movements (physiotherapeutic exercises); Swedish putty (spackle + spar varnish waterproofing mixture); Swedish turnip (rutabaga) …   Eponyms, nicknames, and geographical games

  • Swedish — Swed ish, a. [Cf. G. schwedisch, Sw. svensk.] Of or pertaining to Sweden or its inhabitants. [1913 Webster] {Swedish turnip}. (Bot.) See under {Turnip}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Swedish — [swē′dish] adj. of Sweden or its people, language, or culture n. the North Germanic language spoken in Sweden the Swedish the people of Sweden …   English World dictionary

  • Swedish — Swed ish, n. The language of Swedes. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Swedish — c.1600, from SWEDE (Cf. Swede) + ISH (Cf. ish). Related: Swedishness …   Etymology dictionary

  • Swedish — ► NOUN ▪ the Scandinavian language of Sweden. ► ADJECTIVE ▪ relating to Sweden …   English terms dictionary

  • Swedish — [[t]swi͟ːdɪʃ[/t]] ♦♦♦ 1) ADJ Swedish means belonging or relating to Sweden, or to its people, language, or culture. ...the Swedish ambassador to the European Community. ...the Swedish city of Gothenburg. 2) N UNCOUNT Swedish is the language… …   English dictionary

  • Swedish — 1. noun /ˈswiːdɪʃ/ The language of and Åland (an autonomous part of Finland). Swedish is also one of the two official languages of Finland, spoken by 6% of the citizens. A very small minority in Estonia has Swedish as their mother tongue. 2.… …   Wiktionary

  • Swedish — I UK [ˈswiːdɪʃ] / US [ˈswɪdɪʃ] adjective 1) someone who is Swedish is from Sweden 2) relating to Sweden, or its language or culture the Swedish pop band Abba a few Swedish phrases II UK [ˈswiːdɪʃ] / US [ˈswɪdɪʃ] noun [uncountable] the language… …   English dictionary

  • Swedish — Swe|dish1 [ˈswi:dıʃ] adj relating to Sweden, its people, or its language Swedish 2 Swedish2 n 1.) the Swedish [plural] people from Sweden 2.) [U] the language used in Sweden …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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